Council Meeting - February 26, 2019

Council Meeting – February 26, 2019

Photo Radar! Need I say more? Read on to find out more.


We had a presentation from the High School Students who concepted and created the award that was presented to Mayor Don Iveson for the “Best Canadian City for Youth to Work”



a) Yellowhead Regional Library

 A presentation was provided to increase awareness around the role of the Yellowhead Regional Library in our City and Region


 a) Swearing In of Deputy Mayor

 Councillor Sam Munckhof-Swain was sworn in as Deputy Mayor. His 8 month term will be from March 1, 2019 through October 31, 2019.

 b) Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) Contract Review

 Does ATE STAY or GO in Beaumont?

 Background: Photo radar has been employed as a tool to enforce traffic safety within Beaumont since 1998. Beginning in 2010, Global Traffic Group Inc. has been contracted to provide 40 hours per week of Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) with 28 hours focusing on speeding and the remaining 12 hours on stop violations. Our existing contract with Global Traffic expires June 30, 2019.

 At the request of Council, Administration has provided reports outlining the history of Beaumont’s Photo Radar program as well as financial data detailing the collection formula for fines and revenues. Further, the Committee of the Whole received a presentation from Global Traffic which focused on traffic enforcement data for Beaumont and the measures used to ensure a successful program.

 As a final step in the review of Beaumont’s ATE program, on December 12, 2018, and for a period of one week, 24 automated data counters were deployed throughout the City to monitor the effectiveness of existing photo radar locations and to identify potentially new at-risk areas. The location of each data counter was selected and approved by the RCMP targeting school zones and areas known to be of concern to the Police.

 Tonight’s Meeting:

 1. Does Photo Radar STAY or GO? Following the motion “That council does not approve continuing the use of Photo Radar” moved by Councillor Stout, there was a debate and vote (5-2)…..Photo radar stays in Beaumont.

 BUT WAIT? Now there is a contract issue to sort out as the current contract expires June 30, 2019. Administration needs direction?!?!?!?

 2. NOW WHAT? Council wanted to ensure concerns that have been raised by residents are considered BEFORE the contract renewal process is left with Administration. The concerns with respect to ATE in Beaumont are:

·         Locations – where will they set up?

·         Hours/week

·         Marked vs. Un-Marked vehicles

·         Speed tolerances

·         Contract Length – 3 yrs/5 yrs

·         Contract “Out Clause”

·         Revenue sharing/allocation between Service Provider/Province/City

·         Others??


3. WHATS NEXT? Administration will be bringing back an ATE Program Review to council to ensure that input on the above items is possible. STAY TUNED!



 a) Bylaw 944-19 - Our Zoning Blueprint: Land Use Bylaw - 1st Reading

 Administration began the process of rewriting Beaumont’s Land Use Bylaw in early 2018. Beaumont’s current Land Use Bylaw was last comprehensively revised in 2013, and since that time a number of legislative and policy changes have occurred at the federal, provincial, regional, and local levels of government.

Beaumont’s new Land Use Bylaw encourages a shift in focus from traditional, prescriptive land use regulation to one that supports innovation by translating planning policies into regulations focused on desired outcomes. It has been drafted to stimulate new design ideas, and to create measurable improvements to the health, social, economic and environmental objectives of Our Complete Community: Beaumont’s Municipal Development Plan.

 Overall the Bylaw implements the policy objectives of Our Complete Community, provides greater flexibility and opportunity, and improves processes in a more user-friendly, easy to read document.

 Much engagement has been conducted to get this document to this point. Council has heard from stakeholders that further input and refinement is required. Administration is committed to gathering and considering continued feedback throughout the process of the upcoming public hearing, then through 2nd and 3rd readings.

 This ByLaw passed 1st reading.


b) Bylaw 948-19 – Subdivision and Development Appeal Board - 1st Reading

 On November 26, 2018, the Subdivision Development Appeal Board (SDAB) met and provided recommendations to the current SDAB Bylaw. It was noted that the Bylaw would need to be amended to reflect the recent changes to the Municipal Government Act and reflect the changes of the repealed Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw.

 This ByLaw passed 1st reading.


 Tonight, 2 reports were presented in print, and, one report was provided verbally.


Our CAO provided an update on the status of the Brand Refresh in Beaumont. Residents will start seeing this roll-out within the next 48 hours!

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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