Council Meeting - September 11, 2018

Council Meeting – September 11, 2018

At this meeting the highlights include: ELAN NSP, Aqua-Fit Phase 2 Approval and Facility Rename, Community Grants Program Policy review and the Beaumont Cannabis Consumption By-Law first reading.

Also – Mayor John Stewart sign the agreement between Leduc County and Beaumont for Leduc County to provide future funding for construction and operating costs for the Aqua-Fit Phase 2 Project.


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a) Bylaw 926-18 - Elan Neighbourhood Structure Plan

Invistec Consulting on behalf of 1662825 Alberta Ltd., has submitted an application for the Elan Neighbourhood Structure Plan (Elan NSP). The Elan NSP is located west of Range Road 243 and north of 50 Avenue. A Neighbourhood Structure Plan provides the planning and servicing framework for specific lands in the municipality and must comply with the higher order Area Structure Plan. The Elan Neighbourhood Structure Plan is approximately 65.3 hectares (one quarter section) and proposes a variety of land uses including: low and medium density residential, commercial, urban village, and open spaces. This Plan also provides land for a school site to meet the projected student population in the community. The school site is designed to be expanded in the future to allow additional field space and a second school. The Neighbourhood Structure Plan intends to accommodate a population of 3,692 with a density of approximately 43 dwelling units per net residential hectare.


a) Registered Presentations – Tour de L’Alberta

This presentation was an overview of the event that was hosted in Beaumont and preview the upcoming event on July 23, 2019…which will be the 25th Anniversary of the ride.

b) Un-Registered Presentations

There were 2 un-registered presentations from residents. The first presentation was regarding an update on the recent move of the Heritage House, and, also showed support for the proposed Beaumont Cannabis Consumption ByLaw. The second presentation was regarding the Community Grants Program, specifically, pointing out that a program such as this allows great programs in our community an opportunity to succeed and grow…and is important to user groups.


a) Aqua-Fit Phase 2 Final Approval

Final approval to begin construction of the Aqua-Fit Phase 2 was granted, and, the facility name was changed to the “Beaumont Sports and Recreation Centre” through a series of 4 motions and approvals. This means that construction would start in October 2018. The budget for the facility was based upon $29.5 million with a $1.0 million contingency to be provided by the mill rate stabilization fund.

The following dates apply to this approval:

Temporary Dog Park Closure: October 2018

Child-minding Service Shutdown: October 2018

Fitness Facility Shut Down: December 1, 2018 – Project Completion

Pool Facility Shut Down: January 2020 – Project Completion

b) Community Grants Program Policy C15.1

The purpose of this item is to update/replace the current “Grant, Donations and Funding Policy C15” that was adopted in 2007. The new policy “Community Grants Program Policy C15.1” would identify responsibilities of Council, Administration and a new Grant Funding Advisory Committee (GFAC) which would be created to review and access all community grants submitted based upon a proposed set of Ranking Criteria. Council agreed that this policy was a step in the right direction. There was some discussion around this policy and it was referred back to a future COTW meeting.


a) Bylaw 922-18 - Aqua-Fit Phase 2 Borrowing Bylaw - 2nd & 3rd Reading

This ByLaw was brought forward and approved in order to fund the construction of the Beaumont Sports and Recreations Centre (Aqua-Fit Phase 2)….Second and third readings were passed.

b) Bylaw 926-18 - Elan Neighbourhood Structure Plan - 2nd & 3rd Reading

As stated above, the ELAN NSP is approximately 65.3 hectares (one quarter section) and proposes a variety of land uses including: low and medium density residential, commercial, urban village, and open spaces. This Plan also provides land for a school site to meet the projected student population in the community….Second and third readings were passed.

c) Bylaw 929-18 Beaumont Cannabis Consumption Bylaw - 1st Reading

As mandated by the Federal Government, the consumption of Cannabis will be legalized in Canada on October 17, 2018. Municipalities across Alberta have the opportunity to create a new or to modify existing bylaws to restrict or control the sale and consumption of Cannabis in their community.

On August 28th, 2018 by way of motion, Council directed Administration to draft a bylaw prohibiting the consumption of Cannabis within Beaumont. This proposed Bylaw has received legal review and as presented, prohibits the consumption of nonmedical Cannabis to that of a private residence within Beaumont. First reading was passed. Future discussions will be had on second and third readings.

10. CAO Update

Our CAO was asked to comment on the “YIELD signs” that were switched out to “STOP signs”. It is within the authority of the CAO, based upon existing policies, to make these changes without input from council. Council requested that the CAO provides a “heads-up” on future issues prior to communicating out to residents. This would allow Council to better respond to residents when questions are brought forward.  


A letter of support for the change in municipal status from “Town” to “City’ was received from the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Shaye Anderson. This will now go to a Cabinet Meeting in Fall 2019 for final approval.

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