Committee of the Whole - August 30, 2018

Committee of the Whole – August 30, 2018

The meeting tonight was an information session regarding the Recreation Master Plan and Potential Construction Phasing Options for Aquafit Phase II.


a. Recreation, Parks and Facilities Master Plan (Our Places and Play) Overview

The Our Places & Play Recreation, Parks & Facilities Master Plan allows the Town of Beaumont to strategically guide and manage the direction of recreation, parks and facility services through to 2029. The Plan will also provide the Town with the necessary public policy framework to manage its parks, open spaces, programs, events, facilities and amenities in a cost-effective manner consistent with leading industry practices. Further, the Plan will provide guidance as to park planning, facility development, facility redevelopment and expansion, the delivery of programs and services as well as associated recommended resources.

There is a consultant engaged for the Master Plan and they were in attendance to provide a project update on pages 5 through 25 of the agenda.

b. Aqua-Fit Phase 2 Construction Phasing Overview

Clark Builders has been engaged as the Construction Management firm, and was in attendance at the meeting to review the construction phasing schedule and options for the Aqua -Fit Phase 2. The purpose of the meeting was to provide Committee Members with high-level informational details on the construction schedule and mitigation strategies that will be implemented if the proposed Project gets the green light at the September 11, 2018, Council Meeting. Avison Young and ECommunications have also been engaged as part of the process to assist with the mitigation strategies and communications for the construction phasing plan during the initial rollout of the construction process.

There was a lot of good discussion around these options. There was little council support for Option #3 that would close the facility as of October 1st.  There was discussion around the following logistical/impactful areas that will experience disruptions during construction: parking, staffing, entrances, memberships/passes and the dog park.

I encourage you to have a look/listen at the recording of the meeting last night at the provided link!

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Steven vanNieuwkerk