Council Meeting - August 28, 2018

Council Meeting – August 28, 2018

BIG FUNDING NEWS via solid regional collaboration, and, CANNABIS – where can it be sold, and where can it be consumed.


a) Bylaw 924-18 - Cannabis Regulations (Retail Only) LUB Amendment

The proposed bylaw includes Cannabis Retail Stores as a discretionary use within the TCMU – Town Centre Mixed Use District and the C2 – Commercial District.  Specific use regulations for Cannabis Retail Stores will be similar to those for liquor stores, including a minimum separation distance of 500 metres between each Cannabis Retail Store, a restriction on the display of products, and the same parking requirements of 3 stalls per 100 square metres of gross floor area.  This is in addition to the provincial regulations which stipulate that a cannabis retail use cannot be within 100 metres from a school or provincial health care facility.  There is no proposed separation distance between a liquor store and a Cannabis Retail Store.



b) UNREGISTERED – there was one unregistered presentation with a resident expressing concerns with the most recent cannabis survey relative to the use of Survey Monkey and the ability to have completed the survey multiple times using multiple IP addresses.  


a) Beaumont Cannabis Consumption Survey Results

At the Committee of the Whole meeting on July 17, 2018, Elected Officials directed Administration to conduct a survey focused on Cannabis consumption within Beaumont. The survey was launched Monday July 30th and concluded on August 20, 2018. At close, 711 responses were submitted with 92% of responses being fulltime residence of Beaumont.

In addition to the survey, Administration conducted two (2) open houses discussing both Cannabis Consumption and the Proposed Land Use Bylaw. The open houses were held at the Aqua-Fit Center on July 25th and Center-Ville Square on July 29th. In total, over 50 residents attended and participated in the event. Members of council also attended each event.

There was extensive discussion among councilors and direction was given to Administration to create a ByLaw for 1st reading on September 11, 2018 based upon “an all-out ban on the consumption of Cannabis (excluding private residence).”

b) 2017 Report to the Community

The 2017 Report to the Community provides information on the progress that was made in 2017 in the six key focus areas that were identified in the Strategic Plan adopted by the previous council which included: Communication/Citizen Engagement, Community Identity, Complete Community, Economic Development, Fiscal and Asset Management, and People Services. Performance measures for each strategic outcome are reported, as well as our accomplishments in key projects and initiatives that are attributed to those outcomes.

c) Notice of Motion - Armorial Bearings from the Canadian Crown

A simple notice of motion to request the Town of Beaumont receive Armorial Bearings. More information on the process can be found here:

This motion was supported with the amendments of “proceeding once it is determined if Beaumont is granted City status” and “subject to funding during our 2019 budget deliberations”. Overall, council was supportive of this motion.


a) Bylaw 904-18 - Elan DC Redistricting

This is the first reading of this Bylaw which will redistrict a portion of land in the Elan neighbourhood from AG - Agricultural District in the Rural Service Area to Direct Control District 117- Elan District. This is the first required step in getting going in the Elan area!

b) Bylaw 924-18 - Cannabis Regulations (Retail Only) LUB Amendment

it was recommended by Administration “THAT Council give second and third reading to Bylaw 924-18 to amend Land Use Bylaw 796-12 to define and regulate Cannabis Retail Stores (Attachment 1).”

The second and third readings were passed, however, there was discussion around reviewing the buffer and set-back distances in the future Land Use Bylaw discussions.


Mayor Stewart announced that from 2019 to 2023, Leduc County will invest $2.4 million towards the $ 29.5 million expansion of the Beaumont Aqua-Fit Centre

Leduc County and Beaumont, Alberta residents will benefit from the expansion and modernization of the Aqua-Fit Centre. The expansion will enhance residents’ quality of life and will contribute to the growth of sporting activities and community prosperity.


Crime Mapping! The RCMP have been working on the “Public Facing Crime Mapping Project.” This will allow the locations where select crimes are committed in our municipality to be mapped and available for residents to view. Stay tuned to the Town of Beaumont social media accounts for the live link in the near future!

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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