Council Meeting - June 12, 2018

Council Meeting – June 12, 2018

There were about 35 residents in attendance tonight at the meeting. It was great to see such a large turn-out to the meeting!

Tonight, the main draw for residents was the Town vs. City vote…however, there were some other very important items discussed as well!

Also – I took the time to request a set of WATER SUPPLY FAQ’s to inform residents about our very important water supply.

Have a look below and I’ll go through each of them… we go!


a) Bylaw 905-18 Dansereau Phase 7 Land Use Bylaw Amendment

Stantec Consulting Ltd., on behalf of Anthem United, has made an application to redistrict a portion of the Dansereau Meadows neighbourhood. In order for development of the subject lands to proceed, the Land Use Bylaw requires amendment from AR–Agriculture Reserve District to PRS - Public Recreation Services District, DC 116 – Neighbourhood Mixed Use, and DC 118 – Dansereau Meadows Zero Lot line District.

The modifications allow single-detached housing with front attached or rear detached garages with reduced site widths by allowing one side setback to be reduced to zero. Zero lot line developments help to increase density and provide residents with additional (and often more affordable) housing options in alignment with current regional and municipal planning legislation and trends.

b) Development Permit 2018-164 Direct Control District - Home Based Business

This is simply the relocation of a home-based business. The business owner has moved and new permitting is required.

c) Bylaw 917-18 - Public Recreation Services District Land Use Bylaw Amendment

in September, 2011 the municipality and Beaumont and District Heritage Society agreed to the relocation of the Maison Historique St. Jacques Heritage House from 4707 – 50 Avenue to Parc Beacon Park (3116 – 49 Street). The relocation is anticipated to take place this summer. An amendment is required to match the intended land use to the Bylaw in order to facilitate this move.

d) Municipal Reserve Disposition of Interest

The purpose of this public hearing was to dispose of the MR (Municipal Reserve) designation from the Beacon Park land area to facilitate the relocation of the Maison Historique St. Jacques Heritage House.



i) Beaumont and District Agricultural Society Update & Overview

BADAS representatives provided an update to council. They also requested to enter in a partnership agreement that includes support and funding of $5000. This item will be discussed further at the June 26th council meeting.


An unregistered presentation was completed by the Empowering Women Entrepreneurs (EWE) group regarding monetary support for the Annual Beaumont Night Market. The event has outgrown the CCBCC and now requires a large tent structure as well to support all of the vendors. This item will be brought back to council for discussion at the June 26th council meeting.

Residents were able to speak on any issues they wish for a maximum of 5 minutes. Two residents spoke out against moving from Town to City status.


a) Development Permit 2018-164 Direct Control District - Home Based Business Approval

A public hearing was held earlier in the evening. It was recommended that Council approve Development Permit #2018-164 for a Home-Based Business to be located at Lot 22, Block 1, Plan 892 2096 (5019 – 55 Street), with some development permit conditions that were provided.

This item was passed.

b) Municipal Reserve Disposal - St. Jacques Heritage House Approval

A Public Hearing was held earlier in the meeting to hear from any parties affected by the removal of the municipal reserve designation to allow the use of Parc Beacon Park for the St. Jacques Heritage House relocation.  

It was recommended that council authorize the Designated Officer to notify the Registrar to remove the designation of municipal reserve (MR) from Plan 022 1234, Block 2, Lot 1MR (3116 – 49 Street), in accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

Itwas also recommended that council authorize the Designated Officer to negotiate and execute a lease agreement with the Beaumont & District Heritage Society after the municipal reserve designation has been removed from Plan 022 1234, Block 2, Lot 1MR.

These items both passed. This allows the movement of the heritage house to the Beacon Park property.

 c) Town of Beaumont to City of Beaumont

Significant effort/research and community engagement was put into the Town vs. City discussion in 2017. Due to a split vote from council, the town vs. city question was not included on the upcoming ballot for all residents to select as they voted. There was no resolution to this issue.

At the April 24, 2018 council meeting, administration was directed to bring forward a request for decision regarding an application to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding a status change from “Town of Beaumont” to the “City of Beaumont” for decision at the May 8, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.

At the May 8, 2018 council meeting, it was resolved that Council defer the Ministry of Municipal Affairs Notification Process to change its status from the “Town of Beaumont” to the “City of Beaumont”, and directed Administration to conduct a 1 month public consultation process and bring back a final report to the June 12, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.

In addition to the feedback solicited by individual councilors throughout the notice of motion process to date, 4 x “open houses” were scheduled and attended by mayor and council. Residents were invited to come out and share their thoughts on Town vs. City. The first event was held at Jefs Café, the second at the St. Vitals Senior Center and the third and fourth were held in the Aquafit lobby.

On June 12, 2018, following each councilor making a statement and outlining their position on the Town vs. City discussion, it was decided that: Council directs Administration to carry out the process outlined in the Municipal Government Act, Division 3, Change of Status to make a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to consider that the Town of Beaumont be permitted to change its status to City of Beaumont on January 1, 2019.

The vote passed 6-1.

To review the statements of each councillor please refer to the Facebook video stream:

Councillor Hendricks - Skip to 2 hrs. 07 minutes

Councillor vanNieuwkerk - Skip to 2hrs. 08 minutes

Councillor Muckhof-Swain - Skip to 2hrs. 11 minutes

Councillor Barnhart - Skip to 2hrs. 15 minutes

Councillor Stout - Skip to 2hrs. 18 minutes 41 sec.

Mayor Stewart - Skip to 2 hrs. 22 minutes

Councillor Daneluik - Skip to 2 hrs. 25 minutes 20 sec.

d) Our Beaumont - Municipal Strategic Plan 2017-2021

The purpose of this agenda item was to approve the “Our Beaumont – Municipal Strategic Plan 2017-2021.

Shortly after Council was elected in October 2017, Administration was directed to set up a Strategic Planning workshop. This workshop (November 25, 2017) provided a great opportunity for Council to conduct an environmental scan within Beaumont and the surrounding region in order to explore how the Municipality can capitalize on opportunities to further enhance our community. During the workshop and based on the desired future state that was described for the Community, Council members identified some major goals.

This document is the summation of a large body of work including: a workshop, meetings/discussions, a governance seminar and a review of the draft document. It will guide councils decisions through to 2021.

I’d like to take this time to share the values, guiding principles, the vision and the strategic pillars for change with you.


Accountability:  we accept responsibility for all of our decisions and actions

Collaborative: we create shared value and develop a healthy, strong community with local and regional stakeholders and partners.

Excellence:  we continuously strive to exceed expectations 

Inclusive:  we respect everyone, while promoting equity and opportunity

Innovative:  we encourage new ideas, processes, and policies to improve our quality of life

Integrity:  we are honest, open, and deliver on our promises

Respect:  we hold citizens and all those serving the community in high regard


The following principles underpin how Council, Administration, and Staff Make Life Better in Beaumont:

Adaptability: We embrace innovation and versatility, while addressing the changing needs of our community and region. 

Engagement and Inclusion: We invite everyone the community to participate in the development of our plans, policies, and programs. 

Exceptional Service Delivery: In our day-to day operations, we own the requirement to provide exceptional customer service to our community.

Fiscal Responsibility: Spending decisions are made with the utmost respect for the taxpayers’ dollars and the fiscal sustainability of Beaumont.

Integration: We have a holistic view in our strategies, planning, and service delivery, with consideration given to intermunicipal, interdepartmental and environmental relationships; how they can impact, support, and drive each other for our Community’s benefit.

Livability: We plan and implement programs to continuously improve the quality of life for our citizens. This includes the consideration of social, environmental, economic, and cultural factors.


“Together, we make life better in Beaumont. We are the community of choice for livability and economic innovation. We have a vibrant arts community, ample recreational opportunities, and a healthy environment. We are culturally diverse and celebrate our Indigenous, agricultural, and French heritage.”


Pillar 1: Livability

Pillar 2: Connecting with citizens

Pillar 3: Good governance, fiscal responsibility and efficient use of tax dollars

Pillar 4: Regional collaboration and leadership

Pillar 5: Economic prosperity

Pillar 6: Welcoming diversity and celebrating our cultural heritage

e) *Triomphe Phase 3A Subdivision Extension

A 6 month extension of the subdivision approval for SDA-15-03 Triomphe Estates Phase 3A that is set to expire on January 9, 2019 was approved.


a) Bylaw 905-18 Dansereau Phase 7 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - 2nd & 3rd Reading

It was recommended that council give second and third reading to Bylaw 905-18 to amend the Land Use Bylaw for Dansereau Meadows Phase 7 from AR–Agriculture Reserve to PRS - Public Recreation Services District, DC 116 – Neighbourhood Mixed Use, and DC 118 – Dansereau Meadows Zero Lot Line District.

After significant discussion around fire safety in a zero lot line development and other concerns, this recommendation passed 2nd and 3rd reading.

b) Bylaw 917-18 Public Recreation Services District Land Use Bylaw Amendment - 2nd & 3rd Reading

It was recommended that Council give second reading to Bylaw 917-18 to add “Community Centres” as a permitted use to the PRS - Public Recreation Services District of the Land Use Bylaw 796-12.

It was also recommended that Council give third reading to Bylaw 917-18 to add “Community Centres” as a permitted use to the PRS - Public Recreation Services District of the Land Use Bylaw 796-12.

Both 2nd and 3rd readings were passed.

 9. COUNCILLOR/COMMITTEE REPORTS – Councillor Barnhart submitted a report


I took this opportunity to address the issue of our water supply in Beaumont following the recent water bans. Residents wanted, and continue to want more information about our water supply. Particularly, how a WATER BAN is enforced in Beaumont when compared to surrounding municipalities who are supplied from the same source and are placed under the same restrictions. I asked administration to consider creating a “WATER SUPPLY FAQ” and disturbing this information to residents.

Administration responded that a FAQ similar to what was suggested is already underway and it would be available in the coming weeks.

12. NOTICES OF MOTION – there were no notices of motion presented by council

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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Steven vanNieuwkerk