On Water Bans....and, The Beaumont Water Supply

There are a few items to consider regarding water supply, storage and use in Beaumont and I’ll explain what I am able to below.

Also, lets take a moment to consider the most effective feedback tools available to us!

Beaumont Water Supply – Beaumont is a member of the Capital Region Southwest Water Service Commission along with Leduc, Leduc County, Calmar, Hay Lakes, Camrose County and Millet. This is where our water comes from in Beaumont. The commission was established in 1984 and is a regional co-op. The commission purchases its water directly from EPCOR Water Services. You can read more about them here: http://crswsc.ca/ . The commission controls the flow/volume of water distributed to communities. The best map I could find I located here http://crswsc.ca/download/master-plan/?wpdmdl=483 on page 12 of 183

Beaumont Water Storage – Beaumont, like all municipalities has a series of reservoirs to store water to service residents. A portion of this storage capacity is allocated for emergency reserves….which is a very important part of the system. There always needs to be enough water on hand to use in case of an emergency fire situation. It is my understanding that this volume of water is not to be made available for residential consumption. Our water storage needs are calculated, built out and reviewed to ensure current and future needs are met.

Beaumont Water Usage – When its hot, we use more water as a society…Beaumont is no different. When it doesn’t rain for long periods of time, water becomes scarce…we all know that. So, these big-picture supply challenges begin to affect residents in the form of water conservation strategies, requirements and then, water bans.

Right now, the Southwest Water Commission is currently under Water Demand Measure A…which translates into the water ban now in effect. Here is a link to the details: https://www.beaumont.ab.ca/alertcenter.aspx?aid=31

Where do we go from here?

The current water ban is no doubt a result of supply and demand. We’ve had restrictions before, and, we’ve had bans before….and, there is no doubt that we’ll have them again in the future!

Our Council needs to understand the current Beaumont water system, its potential limitations and plan/budget for upgrades and improvements in the future. I will be asking questions around our water system in the near future, during the appropriate discussions.

Feedback Tools:

The absolute best thing that you can do when issues arise is to PROVIDE WRITTEN FEEDBACK via the following methods:

Request Tracker: There is a tool on the website that allows for requests/concerns to be brought to the attention of the appropriate division…which will allow staff to respond to your concerns. It is located here: https://www.beaumont.ab.ca/requesttracker.aspx

You can contact me by email at: steven.vannieuwkerk@beaumont.ab.ca or, you can contact all councillors at once using: councillors@beaumont.ab.ca

You can always contact the Town Office at: 780-929-8782

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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Steven vanNieuwkerk