Council Meeting - May 22, 2018

Council Meeting – May 22, 2018

There was a full house tonight in council chambers to get the meeting started…it was great to see!

Thank-you to everyone who came out…and to all of those watching live on Facebook!


5a. Bylaw 912-18 Amendment for Veterinary Clinic - Joannes Wong

Administration is recommending that veterinary clinics be added to the TCMU- Town Centre Mixed Use District as a permitted use to enable veterinary clinics to open in Centre-Ville. Through discussions with other municipalities and Alberta Health Services it was determined that there have not been issues with veterinary clinics that have been permitted in downtown locations. 

Administration reviewed other Land Use Bylaws in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region and it was noted that veterinary clinics were designated as discretionary uses in many districts, although this varies between municipalities.  This Bylaw will modify the existing definition so that it is clear that the veterinary clinic use is to be contained within the building and any outdoor use or extended overnight stays for animals is not permitted.

5b. Development Permit 2017-623 Direct Control District 004 (50569 Range Road 244) Recreational Vehicle Storage - Joanne Dargis

An application was received for a development permit to allow the continued operation of Endstate RV Storage located at 50569 Range Road 244. The RV storage facility is an existing development that has been operating under a development permit issued by Leduc County which expired on October 31, 2017. The property owner submitted a Development Permit application to Beaumont on October 25, 2017.

Council received the application on February 13, 2018 and a Public Hearing was held on March 13, 2018 and the application with recommended conditions was brought to Council for decision in that meeting. At the March 13 Public Hearing, an adjacent land owner raised a concern regarding the dust that may be generated from users of the RV storage facility dropping off and picking up their RVs.  In addition, it came to the attention of Council and Administration that the permit application did not match the existing location of the RV storage area. To rectify this matter and to provide greater accuracy on the proposed conditions, Council referred the application to Administration for further review.

A meeting was held with the applicant, an updated Real Property report was completed and Administration recommended the addition of 9 trees (at least 1.8 m tall) on the west side to fill gaps, and, that the east side be screened with shrubbery or trees (at least 1.8 m tall) as well.



i)                    Ecole Coloniale Estates School - Bowling Alley Presentation

The students took on a project of creating and executing a petition, and, then, presenting it to council. I think it showed great initiative! Great job!

ii)                   Yellowhead Regional Library Presentation - Kevin Dodds

This was an informative presentation providing an overview of the Yellowhead Regional Library System. It was a great bit of info and a well executed presentation!

6b. UNREGISTERED PRESENTATIONS – there were no unregistered presentations tonight.


7a. Beaumont RCMP Year End Report & Policing Priorities Approval - Sgt. Jeffery Egan

Policing priorities are established annually to ensure the RCMP is appropriately addressing those policing issues that are identified as the most important to a community. Establishing policing priorities does not mean the RCMP will stop policing or addressing other issues, complaints or priorities.

One key item presented tonight was that overall, Property Crime has increased by 13%. Individually, vehicle theft is up 30%, Thefts under $5000 are up 23% and Fraud is up 13%. It should be noted that of 48 vehicles thefts, only 6 were confirmed with forced entry….meaning that vehicles were unlocked, had keys in them, and could have been unlocked and running. The same holds true with the Thefts under $5000….94 of 196 were from vehicles and only 11 of the 94 confirmed forced entry…meaning that vehicle doors were unlocked.   

For 2018/ 2019 the Policing Priorities are: 1. Crime Reduction Strategies (Property Crimes and Offender Management) 2. Impaired Driving (Drugs and Alcohol) 3. Positive Youth Engagement 4. Employee Wellness.

7b. Smart Fare Memorandum of Understanding - Kathy Lewin & Alyssa Carson

Smart Fare is an electronic fare payment system for transit agencies.  Smart Fare will allow riders to pay for transit using a variety of methods, as early as 2020.  Customers will be able to use their credit cards, debit cards, other compatible smart cards and smart devices.  The “tap and go” fare payment system will make paying for transit as simple as buying a cup of coffee.  It will also make travel across the Edmonton Metropolitan Region easier for customers since one account can be used on all participating transit systems, including Edmonton, St. Albert and Strathcona County.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been drafted by the City of Edmonton, City of St. Albert, and Strathcona County to add Municipal Partners to the Regional Transit Smart Fare System.

The MOU incorporates the governance, key features of Smart Fare technology, cost sharing, and revenue aspects of the Smart Fare System.  There are no financial commitments associated with this MOU.

7c. Development Permit 2017-623 Direct Control District 004 (50569 Range Road 244) Recreational Vehicle Storage - Joanne Dargis

Administration made the following recommendations that were accepted by council: It is recommended that the approved Recreational Vehicle Storage Facility shall be screened from view from the west side and east side as shown on Attachment 1 by adding additional landscape screening on the west side and east side of the 1.05 acre development area, to the satisfaction of the Development Officer.

 It is also recommended that the applicant be required to pay for calcium chloride dust suppression to be applied twice per calendar year to Range Road 244, beginning on the south side of the property access, and proceeding 100 m north and 20 m south.

7d. Direct Control District - Permit 2018-164 - Home Based Business - Joanne Dargis

An application was received for a development permit to allow the operation of a home-based business located at Plan 892 2096, Block 1, Lot 22 (5019 55 Street) (Attachment 3).  The Development Permit Application #2018-164 is for a home-based business providing on-site photography services and operating under the name of Scott Molnar Photography.  The applicant had obtained a development permit and business license for a previous address, but has since re-located to a new dwelling within the Direct Control District. 

As a development permit is issued to the parcel itself rather than the home-based business or individual, it is not transferable and the relocation of a home-based business to a new address requires a new development permit application.  The new address is located within the Direct Control District which does not have site specific regulations and does not specifically delegate authority from Council to the Development Officer, therefore this application was brought to Council for a decision.


8a. 912-18 Amendment for Veterinary Clinic - 2nd & 3rd Reading - Joannes Wong

Simply put, this was 2nd and 3rd reading to add Veterinary Clinic as a Permitted Use in the Town Centre Mixed Use District. It was moved forward by council.

8b. 914-18 Triomphe Phase 6 Land Use Bylaw Amendment - 1st Reading - Joannes Wong

A simple amendment was put forward in the Triomphe Estates neighbourhood. Administration is supportive of this amendment as it complies with higher order plans in place. The proposed redistricting transitions well from the adjacent residential dwellings while incrementally increasing the density by using the land more efficiently with smaller lot residential development as R1-B allows for smaller lots than the adjacent R1-A lots. 

8c. 915-18 Municipal Reserve Disposal - Place Chaeureuse - 1st Reading - Joannes Wong

Invistec Consulting, on behalf of Place Chaleureuse GP Inc. has made an application to redistrict Lot 10 and Lot 11MR, Block 5, Plan 152 1520 in the Place Chaleureuse Business Park. However, in order for the redistricting application to proceed the Municipal Reserve that was previously designated (Lot 11MR) at the north portion of the site needs to be disposed of so it can be relocated (swapped) and redistricted on the south portion of the site.

The current configuration of the Municipal Reserve parcel directly adjacent to 30 Avenue is not ideal as its size and location between a major road and commercial parcel limits opportunities for programming. The relocation of the Municipal Reserve not only maintains pedestrian connectivity in the area, but also enhances the pedestrian experience along Highway 625 by providing more of a buffer for pedestrians and trail users.

Administration has reviewed the application and is supportive of the re-location (land swap) of the Municipal Reserve from a planning and engineering perspective. The proposed change is in alignment with many of the goals and objectives of the Beaumont’s proposed Municipal Development Plan - Our Complete Community (Responsible Development, Economic Strength, Effective Movement of People and Goods, and Environmental Stewardship).

8d. 916-18 Place Chaleureuse Phase 7 - 1st Reading - Joannes Wong

Invistec Consulting, on behalf of Place Chaleureuse GP Inc. has made an application to redistrict Lot 10 and Lot 11MR, Block 5, Plan 152 1520 in the Place Chaleureuse Business Park from PRS-Public Recreation Services and C2-Commercial District to a different configuration of PRS-Public Recreation Services and C2-Commercial District. Place Chaleureuse Phase 7 is located north of Highway 625, south of Magasin Ave and west of the existing Temporary Francophone School.

The purpose of the current redistricting application is to apply the appropriate land use districts to the reconfigured area.

Administration met with the applicant and are supportive of the redistricting application from a planning and engineering perspective. The proposal not only maintains pedestrian connectivity along 30 Avenue, but also aesthetically enhances the pedestrian experience along Highway 625. 

8e. 917-18 Land Use Bylaw Amendment PRS District 1st Reading - Joanne Dargis

On September 13, 2011, Council approved the use of Parc Beacon Park to be used as the relocation site for Maison Historique St. Jacques Heritage House (currently located at 4707 – 50 Avenue).  The relocation of the house is anticipated to be completed this summer.

The intended use of the site is currently neither a permitted nor a discretionary use within the PRS – Public Recreation Services District, and a Land Use Bylaw amendment is required to accommodate the movement of the St. Jacques Heritage House to Parc Beacon Park. 

Parc Beacon Park is a designated Municipal Reserve lot pursuant to the Municipal Government Act.   The Municipal Government Act states that municipal reserve land shall only be used for the following purposes:  a public park; a public recreation area; school board purposes; and to separate areas of land that are used for different purposes.

Administration considers the proposed use by the Heritage Society to be a public recreation area for the purposes of the Municipal Government Act.


12. NOTICES OF MOTION – no notices of motion

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