Council Meeting - April 24, 2018


a) Registered Presentations

i) Grant Thortan LLP - Financial Auditor Report Presentation

The purpose of this report is to present Council with the 2017 Audited Financial Statements and Report to Council.

There was one issue noted with the accounting of funds collected through off-site levies. To state it simply, they were mis-classified in the accounting system.....this has been fixed and all is well! Our books are in good shape!

b) Un-Registered Presentations

There were no Un-Registered presentations tonight!


a) Ruisseau Phase 5 – Subdivision Approval Extension Request

On May 9, 2017, Council approved the Subdivision Approval Extension Request for SDA–14–07 Ruisseau Phase 5 for one year to expire on April 26, 2018. A one year extension is being requested to enable residential development to proceed in accordance with market conditions.....and, the extension was granted.

b) Beaumont Fire Service 2017 Annual Report

Fire Services presents to Council the 2017 statistics, training activities and public education opportunities that were provided to the Town’s residents and regional partners.

Some highlights include:

·         The new fire engine “Pump 5” enters service in May

·         The Town of Beaumont responded to 197 calls for service

·         Work continues with regional partners responding and conducting joint training opportunities for staff

·         554 visitors from 7 schools attended fire prevention tours at the fire hall

·         70 permits/inspections/reviews were conducted by the fire department

·         5920 hours were spent training by members of the Beaumont Fire Service

·         Fire Underwriters Survey update received by the Town

·         Fire Service Excellence Review began in November 2017

c) Municipal Enforcement Services  2017 Annual Report

Municipal Enforcement presents to Council the 2017 statistics, activities and educational opportunities that were provided to the Town’s residents.

Some highlights include:

·         Two (2) new Peace Officers joined the Beaumont Municipal Enforcement team

·         49% increase in files generated by Peace Officers

·         Photo laser speed and intersection violations down by 31%

·         Total number of violation tickets issued by Peace Officers down by 28%

·         1585 warnings were issued by Peace Officers

·         Peace Officers remain focused on Municipal Enforcement Priorities as adopted by Council (i.e. positive youth engagement, parking enforcement and traffic enforcement)

·         As a part of the Positive Ticket Program and in conjunction with the RCMP, Peace Officers assisted in issuing 998 Positive Tickets

·         Continued visible presence at community events and open houses

I asked a question around the Animal Control RFP was put out and no suitable candidates applied for the position. The Animal Control responsibilities are being shared across the current By-Law officers.

d) University of Alberta Planning Studio Project Presentation

On Urban Agriculture... In January the Integrated Growth Division partnered with the University of Alberta Planning Studio to have students develop an urban agriculture policy recommendation report. Urban agriculture is the practice of cultivating, processing, and distributing food in or around an urban area. It may involve animal husbandry, aquaculture, agroforestry, urban beekeeping, and horticulture. Urban agriculture is not a new concept, but in recent years it has re-emerged as an important contributor to urban food security, improved nutrition, improved urban ecological systems, and numerous economic and social benefits.

A public survey was distributed to provide information and to gain interest on different urban agriculture options. The survey ran for two weeks and 295 responses were returned. Additionally, a staff workshop was held to determine opportunities and constraints with urban agriculture. The report suggests Beaumont undertake additional public consultation on urban agriculture to inform specific policies and to determine opportunities for pilot projects. It also indicates that Land Use Bylaw and Animal Control Bylaw Amendments will be necessary to encourage and allow urban agriculture on public and private property.

This project was done tremendously well....and with 259 survey responses in only 2 weeks....has out- performed other surveys in the past that were open for almost a full month!

I am looking forward to future support and partnerships with our post-secondary institutions. Big thumbs up!

e) 2017 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements

To keep it simple...this was an exercise to put money into the right places in the accounting system. The key item here is that the $984,000 operating surplus is being set aside in anticipation of loan repayment for the piece of land the Town bought in the newly annexed lands. Just responsible money-handling in my opinion....planning to pay down debt.

f) 2018 Consolidated Budget, Operating and Capital Amendment

The purpose of this was to insert "real numbers" in place of the "good estimates" that were included in the 2018 "tighten things up" if you tenders come in for work that will be completed...some come in higher, some come in lower....this adjusts for that. That's all.

g) Notice of Motion: Beaumont change of status from Town to City

At the April 10, 2018 Council meeting, Councillor Bill Daneluik made the following Notice of Motion:

 “That Council directs Administration to carry out the process outlined in the Municipal Government Act, Division 3 ,Change of Status Section 91-97 and make a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to consider that the Town of Beaumont be permitted to change its status to City of Beaumont.”

“That Council request Administration to bring forward a request for decision regarding an application to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding a status change from Town of Beaumont to the City of Beaumont at the May 8, 2018 Regular Council Meeting.”

After comments from the mayor and each council member....the mayor called for a vote the the motion passed 4-3. I voted for "City". You can listen to my comments near the end of the meeting last night through the Town of Beaumont Facebook page. Also, I will be putting up a post on my page to provide some more detail and rationale as to why I voted that way.


a) Bylaw 909-18 2018 Mill Rate Bylaw

In order for Administration to collect taxes for municipal purposes, the Bibliothèque de Beaumont Library, Alberta School Foundation Fund, St. Thomas Aquinas School Division, Leduc Foundation, Designated Industrial Property (DIP) Tax Requisition, and allowances and requisition for administration recoveries, Council must pass a bylaw establishing the mill rates for the year in which the taxes are to be collected. The net municipal tax increase on a single family residential property assessed at $443,432 in 2018 is $48.22 or 1.76%, with an overall net increase of $10.38 (0.26%) or $0.865 per month.

b) Bylaw 913-18 – Amendment to Direct Control 105 – Qualico South

A Real Property Report for compliance was recently submitted to the Development Office for Lot 10, Block 4 Plan 062 3094. Upon review of the file documentation and the Land Use Bylaw it was discovered that the building on this lot was in non-conformance with the current Land Use Bylaw regulations for DC 105- Qualico South, as the district does not allow for front access (front attached) garages. Further research found that the buildings on all of Lots 1-16 in Block 4 were considered non-conforming as they were all constructed with front access garages.

The lands were districted DC and development of the area was guided through design guidelines attached to the Development Agreement. The Development Agreement was amended in 2005 to allow front access garages with a minimum 6.0 metre setback for Lots 1 – 15, Block 4.

This amendment was not transferred to the Land Use Bylaw when it was updated in 2013 as staff at the time were not aware the amended guideline existed.

Based on the guidelines in the Development Agreement Addendum, subdivision occurred without rear lane access for Lots 1-16. Permits for house construction were submitted between 2006 and 2007 for Lots 1-16 and were approved by the Development Officer.

Administration is proposing amendments to DC 105- Qualico South to correct this oversight.


There were no reports tonight.


There were 2 items mentioned:

1. Welcome to Rob Mackin - our new Director of Economic Development!

2. Administration enjoyed and received great value from the George Cuff Session we completed last week!

Thank-you Beaumont!


PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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Steven vanNieuwkerk