Committee of the Whole - April 17, 2018

Committee of the Whole - April 17, 2018

This week's meeting was jam-packed with Agenda Items! We has a full house to start with in the audience...and folks kept coming...more and more chairs were required...and then it was standing room only!

As always, the recording of this meeting can be found on the Town of Beaumont Facebook Page!

Let's get into it....


a) Recreation, Parks & Facilities Master Plan Project Charter

The Recreation, Parks & Facilities Master Plan allows the Town of Beaumont to strategically guide and manage the direction of recreation, parks and facility services through to 2029. The Plan will also provide the Town with the necessary public policy framework to manage its parks, open spaces, programs, events, facilities and amenities in a cost effective manner consistent with leading industry practices. It is anticipates that the Plan will take up-to 18 months to complete, and will create a comprehensive document that can be used in its whole or in part.

I was very happy to see the Stakeholder Working Group listed as including the following: Beaumont Library, Beaumont Society for the Arts, Various Community Volunteer Organizations, Beaumont Sport & Recreation Association (hockey, Soccer, Ball, Ringette etc..), Citizens, Leduc County, City of Edmonton, School Systems, Others.....this is a very comprehensive list and leaves room for any stakeholder that may be identified along in the process.

b) Beaumont Society for the Arts

Beaumont Society for the Arts was incorporated in the fall of 2015, as a not-for-profit organization with members comprising of artists and art champions who reside in Beaumont and the surrounding area. Their commitment is to advance excellence in all art forms for all residents desiring to participate in the arts. The goals of the Beaumont Society for the Arts is to be the representatives and voice for arts in the community, through leadership planning, development and construction of an Arts Centre in the Town. The Beaumont Society for the Arts represents and advocates for the following art forms: Performing Arts, Visual Arts and all other forms of art including film, video and cinematic.

Chantel Yardley, Chair of the Beaumont Society for the Arts provided a great presentation to the group!

There was a large amount of information provided along with the presentation....myself, I enjoyed going through the event debriefs....there are always was to optimize and improve things...and the documents were set up this way!

Also - using current population statistics and knowledge of the Arts groups in well as their group numbers....Chantel estimated that 70% of our young people aged 5 - 19 (2668 ppl, or greater) participate in some form of the Arts.

c) Beaumont Sports and Recreation Association Presentation

Russ Coulombe, the President of the BSRA, presented on behalf of the BSRA. He provided an overview of: the User Group engagement survey findings regarding the Aqua-Fit Phase 2 project, the Association’s history and membership, some thoughts on the upcoming Recreation and Facility Master Plan, and provided a recommendation to create a Sport and Recreation Advisory Board in Beaumont.

It was noted that the BSRA currently represents 19 user groups/CVO's in Beaumont with 9 of them having regular representation at their meetings. Also, doing some quick math using the results provided from the completed survey....there are a minimum of 3640 youth involved in sports associated with the BRSA!  

d) Promotions Committee Annual Presentation

The Promotions Committee participates in the coordination of community events that showcase Beaumont. The annual events chronologically include: Family Day (February), Franco-Albertan Flag Raising (March), Communities in Bloom Pancake Breakfast (May), Town & Country Daze (June), Canada Day (July), Alberta Culture Days (September), Brighten Up Beaumont (November).

The 2017 Promotions Committee Events Report was presented. There was a summary provided for each event, as well as some photographs. All events were on budget. The Promotions committee reaches out and "touches" so many residents throughout the year at the various events (attendence estimates were provided for each event as well) It is a very important part of our community!!

e) Our Connectivity: Transportation Master Plan

The Transportation Master Plan was launched in January 2016. A Project Charter was established to determine the plan objectives, goals and project scope/timelines. In addition an engagement strategy was created, project risks and mitigation measures were identified, and a schedule developed to ensure the project outcomes could be achieved and changes could be managed as required.

The purpose of the Transportation Master Plan (which is Beaumont's first) is to create and implement a long-term strategy to guide the planning, development, renewal and maintenance of a multi-modal transportation system (i.e. to support walking, cycling, and driving) in a manner that is consistent with Beaumont’s collective needs, and in alignment with the future growth and the overall vision set out in the Municipal Development Plan, Our Complete Community.

I have attended a few of the engagement sessions along the way....since late 2016...and I know it is an important part of planning for Beaumont's future growth!!

f) Our Zoning Blue Print: Land Use ByLaw Update

The purpose of the report was to provide the Committee of the Whole with an update of the Our Zoning Blueprint: Land Use Bylaw project, and to provide a survey and draft report for information purposes.

The Our Zoning Blueprint: Land Use Bylaw project is moving along well and is on schedule. It will be moving forward shortly with the first public engagement opportunity, that being a survey to gauge public perceptions on density, parking and other high level items. The Survey is scheduled to publicly launch mid-April and will be advertised in the newspaper, our website and the electronic sign.

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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Steven vanNieuwkerk