Council Meeting - April 10, 2018

Council Meeting - April 10, 2018

There were a fair number of residents in the audience tonight which was great to see! Also, at the time of this posting...the recording of the Council Meeting on the Town of Beaumont Facebook page was sitting at 414 views...also impressive!

I absolutely love to see the engagement!


a) Bylaw 903-18 Subdivision Authority By-Law – this is a GREAT UPDATE! The simple purpose of this is to create a Subdivision Authority Bylaw which updates and modernizes the existing Municipal Planning Commission Bylaw. This update resolves existing challenges around: scheduling conflicts to hold required meetings, consistency and certainty upon timing for developers…and, it ensures that the Subdivision Authority has the technical expertise to make decisions based upon Council-approved documents and provincial legislation.


a) Registered Presentations

i) Aqua-Fit Terms and Conditions Presentation – Paul Pritchard

Paul Pritchard and his son experienced issues surrounding consistency in communications and the applications of existing rules in the gym area at the Aquafit. He shard his frustrations and issues and Administration was able to support him in finding a solution! I hope it works out for Paul and his son…and, if problems arise in the future…I hope he again reaches out for support!

ii) Tour de L’Alberta Presentation – Allen Jacobson

July 29,'s here! This has become an annual event and brings a LARGE GROUP of cyclists to Beaumont along with their associated support teams! The routes are long (50 km), longer (100 km) and longest (160 km)!

The group is examining the feasibility of incorporating a "kids-event" component to this as, if you are interested, reach out and sign up!!

b) Un-Registered Presentations – NONE!

No one wished to address mayor and council on any issue of any kind! Just a friendly reminder to everyone…this is a great…and frankly, one of the best avenues to bring forward issues and concerns to council…it is the LEAST FORMAL mechanism to be heard! Think about coming out and sharing any issues you have with us all!


a) Notice of Motion – Town’s Childcare Program

The Notice of Motion put forward by Mayor Stewart is moving forward.

Administration will now begin doing the work required to bring back information to council regarding the Notice of Motion.

See a copy of the Notice of Motion below:

That Council direct Administration to provide Council with a review of the Town’s childcare program to include the following options:”

a) Financial impacts and benefits to the Town on operating a more comprehensive childcare program (i.e. more seats and space)?

b) Financial and social impacts to the Town on not operating its childcare program (i.e. impacts to quality childcare in Beaumont)?

c) Financial and philosophical impacts to the Town on providing support to private licensed childcare programs, including day homes, opposed to operating its childcare program?

d) Impacts to private licensed childcare businesses with the Town operating or not operating its childcare program?

e) What does a cost recovery childcare model look like if the Town maintains the status quo?

 The work to be carried out in three phases:

Phase 1 – Information gathering for Council, so that Council has the facts and information to make an informed decision on how to move forward or not.

 Phase 2 – Based on Council recommendation(s) on one or two of the options as described above – Council to direct Admin to seek community input and bring back a report on findings / decisions for consideration

 Phase 3 – Report back to Council on findings for decision and action (as required)

There will be plenty of more opportunities for folks to provide feedback as we work through the Phases and Review this budget spend! Stay tuned for those, or, feel free to reach out anytime!

b) Notice of Motion – Committees of Council Review

“That Council directs Administration to review the Committees of Council including; terms of reference; committee composition; appropriate resource allocation; strategic alignment; and duplication.”

This is just a healthy thing for our council to do! This will be a review of the current boards we sit on, boards that councillors have sat on in the past...and any boards that we may not have a presence on within our region.

We want to make sure that we are making the best use of our time, being impactful in the right areas within our region!

I'm personally looking forward to the review.

c) Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School – Request for Grant Funding

A group from Ecole Secondaire Beaumont Composite High School attended the March 27, 2018, Regular Council Meeting and did a presentation regarding attending the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival in Scotland. The group requested that Council make a consideration to approve their funding request for the students to attend the Event from August 3-27, 2018.

The group was awarded $800 from Council to put toward their trip.

Now, I did not vote in favour of this funding…..not because I don’t believe this is a good group to support at all!

The issue at hand for me is that there is not currently a solid policy to handle random groups, user groups and public initiatives asking for funding from Council. To date, most decisions have been made as “stand-alone” items. A policy to handle these “asks” for funding from council is being created and we expect to see it soon from Administration.

d) Beaumont Community Centre Advisory Committee – congratulations to Mr. Brad Hopfauf for being appointed to the Beaumont Community Center Advisory Committee following the vacancy being advertised for several weeks!! Big thank-you for putting yourself forward Brad!


a) Bylaw 903-18 Subdivision Authority - 2nd & 3rd Reading

This Bylaw passed 2nd and 3rd reading...I believe it's a great step forward keeping in mind timing for developers, overall efficiency of the process and it makes sure that "the right people are doing the right things" on the planning front....don't worry Beaumont...we're in good hands....are Planners are some of the BEST!


Councillor Barnhart submitted a report. You can find the link to it through the Agenda.


Our CAO, Mike Schwirtz, provided a few brief updates...they included:

·         Shima Nuraddin - new executive and Legislative Assistant - Welcome to the role!

·         Fortis will be completing the LED street light conversions near the end of the week/early next week

·         In response to the tragedy in will see ribbons down the street on light standards

·         Director of Economic Development has been hired....starting April 23, 2018

·         Administration has re-structured internally to increase resources to move our strategic goal around economic development

·         Notices of Motion will be placed up online following each council meeting to allow more timely reference and discussion

·         Urban Agriculture Survey - coming on April 24, 2018! Thanks to all for your input!


Councillor Daneluik put forward a Notice of Motion tonight. It was presented as follows:

"that Council directs administration to carry out the process outlined in the Municipal Government Act Division 3, change of status, Section 91-97, and make a request to the Minister of Municipal Affairs to consider that the Town of Beaumont be permitted to change its status to the City of Beaumont.

I further move that council requests Administration to bring forward a request for decision regarding an application to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding a status change from the Town of Beaumont to the City of Beaumont at the May 8, 2018 regular council meeting."

The exciting conversation around City status begins! I look forward to the discussions!

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

I will soon have my "Beaumont Council Business Cards" that will include contact information. I will share it once it is active and available!

Visit me on Facebook if you'd like to comment on this. Please, keep all comments civil and respectful!


Steven vanNieuwkerk