Council Meeting - February 27, 2018

Here are the notes from the meeting this week!

There was a lot of conversation and many questions in the community....leading up to tonight's meeting.... surrounding the Notice of Motion that Councillor Stout brought forward regarding Photo Radar. Read below to find out more!

Another Notice of Motion, brought forward by Councillor Munckhof-Swain, was discussed tonight and it read "That Council directs Administration to prepare a plan to host a Business Summit in Beaumont in 2018." Again, read below to learn more about it. For me, it was an important one to support tonight...I spoke in favour of it.


a. Bylaw 902-17 - Land Use Bylaw Amendments - TCMU Temporary Home Based Business

"Administration received an application to amend the TCMU - Town Centre Mixed Use District in the Land Use Bylaw. The applicant proposed to add “Temporary Home Based Business (Temporary being up to 5 years)” to the list of Discretionary Uses. A discretionary use is a development that, even if it complies with the land use bylaw, may or may not be approved. Discretionary considerations may include parking, access, site layout, hours of operation, duration of permit, type of home based business etc..."

Wanting to continue to support business and business growth in Beaumont....this addition was supported by council!

b. Bylaw 895-17 - Our Planned Areas: Consolidated Area Structure Plan

"The purpose of the "Consolidated Area Structure Plan" is to consolidate previously approved Outline Plans within an overarching statutory planning framework as a housekeeping amendment. The Consolidated Area Structure Plan also provides the guidance for the development of a Neighbourhood Structure Plan for the proposed Lakeview (previously known as Plaines Royer) neighbourhood in the southeast. It applies to the 12 quarter sections around the perimeter of Beaumont’s pre-2017 annexation boundary and includes 16 existing neighbourhoods: Coloniale Estates, Forest Heights, Triomphe Estates, Plaines Royer, Beaumont Lakes, Beau Val, Place Chaleureuse, Chaleureuse Business Park, Four Seasons Estates, Montrose Business Centre, Montrose Estates, Ruisseau, Goudreau Terrace, Eaglemont Heights, Dansereau Meadows, and Montalet."

Basically, under the new MGA...."Outline Plans" are no longer allowed....and, "Area Structure Plans" are the new norm. So, the "Outline Plans" have been consolidated into an "Area Structure Plan"....oh, and, the New Neighbourhood (Lakeview) was also included!

6. PRESENTATIONS                 

a. Un-registered Presentations - A local resident provided a unregistered presentation regarding the use of photo radar in Beaumont

b. Registered Presentations - None          

7. BUSINESS ITEMS         

a. Development Permit #2018-066 - Direct Control District (Coloniale Gate) Home Based Business

An application was received for a development permit to allow the operation of a home-based business located in the Coloniale Gate Area....just off Coloniale Way. This was simple...and the only reason it popped up on Council's radar here is because the Coloniale Gate area is currently districted as a "Direct Control District." So, the Development permit was received and the next step is a Public Hearing on March 27, 2018.

b. Notice of Motion - Speed Enforcement Through Photo Radar

Councillor Stout presented his Notice of Motion and provided some background information on Photo Radar in Beaumont....provided some information surrounding the general use of it....discussed some of the monetary considerations and the merits of photo radar being used for "safety". There were a few comments back and forth...and a couple of clarifications were made. After some discussion, it was decided that the Notice of Motion be brought back to council in Q3 of this year in order to provide Administration time to complete some of the current tasks that they are working on, and to provide time to collect answers to questions that were received and are anticipated. So...that is all to say...there is more to come on this Notice of Motion!

c. Notice of Motion - Host a Business Summit in Beaumont in 2018

This notice of motion was put forward by Councillor Munckhof-Swain....and his intro to posted on his FB below:

" During my campaign, I spoke at length about the importance of bringing new business to Town to improve the commercial/residential tax ratio. 
- I also said we can't forget about our existing businesses in town and proposed a "business summit" to improve the connection with our business community and Council / Administration. If we want to attract business to Town, we must do everything we can with our existing businesses from an Administration perspective to maximize their chances of success.
- The vision for this would be a one day summit where all businesses (home based and store front) are invited as well as the chamber, other business networks, Administration and Council. We would have a facilitated, open conversation so we can hear directly from the businesses what is working and what could be improved from a Town perspective.
- I brought forward this motion to see if there is an appetite from Council to hold this business summit in the Spring. If this passes, you will hear more from me on this."

For me, it was important to support this notice of motion for a few reasons:

·         Checking In: As a council, we need to keep our "finger on the pulse" of everything local...including businesses.

·         Try something that is "a little different." Inviting local businesses to a round-table style event to have a facilitated conversation, is forward-thinking.

·         Engage early, and, engage often. There is an update to the Land Use ByLaw that is going to happen this year. There are concerns that businesses have brought forward that should be addressed in this update. Let's make sure all of the concerns are out in the open and on the table so that nothing is missed/overlooked!

·         Strategic Goals - Two of the stated Strategic Goals are: "Connecting with Residents" and "Economic Growth"....this Business Summit "ticks off" working toward both of these

d. Adoption of 2018 Consolidated Budget, Operating and Capital

Council did most of work on this Budget before I was elected. I was able to comment during the breaks at the 2 Day Budget workshop I, I did get a lot of my concerns/points raised that way. The budget was passed tonight and there is a lot of work to do! I am looking forward to it all!


a. Bylaw 902-17 - Land Use Bylaw Amendments -TCMU Temporary Home Based Business 2nd & 3rd Reading

This one was a simply 2nd and 3rd reading for this ByLaw Amendment. It was put together well, well presented and we had ample time to review and ask questions. It will be moving forward to the next steps...!

b. Bylaw 895-17 – Our Planned Areas Consolidated Area Structure Plan – 2nd Reading

This was second reading for this "house-keeping amendment." Next stop, I believe, is the EMRB.


There as one report submitted by Councillor Daneluik. It summarized a meeting attended with the County of Leduc regarding AquaFit 2.

A link to the Agenda is presented below:

PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

I will soon have my "Beaumont Council Business Cards" that will include contact information. I will share it once it is active and available!

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