Council Meeting Summary - February 13, 2018


Last night was my FIRST meeting as a Beaumont Town Councillor! It was a good “icebreaker” for me. The time I have spent in council chambers had definitely prepared me for this meeting.

Now…to get into a high-level review of last night's meeting.


SWEARING IN: Steven vanNieuwkerk was sworn in as a new Councillor!





8 a) Eaglemont Phase 6 – Subdivision Approval Request – SDA-14-01:
A request for a 6-month extension to the subdivision approval was approved.

8 b) Board and Committee Appointments:
Welcome Bradley Buchanan, Kari Steiestol, Melany Beatty and Michelle Guerrette to the Beaumont Promotions Committee! This is an important committee to our community and, it is great to see folks stepping up and getting involved!

8 c) 2018 Consolidated Budget, Operating and Capital:
This item was presented by Administration as information…with a little bit of discussion around it….The large, complete, Budget discussion will occur at the February 20, 2018 Committee of the Whole Meeting! Stay Tuned!

8 d) Development Permit #2017-623 – Joanne Dargis (RV Storage)
This is a simple exercise…to break it down…the RV Storage lot had been operating under a development permit issued 2014 by Leduc County. The 3 year permit expired and they then submitted a new permit application to the Town of Beaumont (because it is located on the newly annexed lands, west of Beaumont). As a matter of process, this permit application had to come through council. A Public Hearing will be scheduled on March 13, 2018. That’s it!


9 a) Plaines Royer Neighbourhood Structure Plan – 1st Reading
The first reading of By-Laws often comes without much discussion. It is an opportunity to get the By Law to a point where it can be discussed further on the 2nd and 3rd readings. Some of the discussion tonight centered around the “2 School Sites”, “Timing” and “Overall Planning”. 1st Reading was passed unanimously.

9 b) Land Use ByLaw Updates for MGA
Based upon updates to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), Administration proposed several Amendments to the Land Use ByLaw to bring ours into compliance. This was passed unanimously.


Two Notices of Motion were brought forward tonight:

1.Councillor Stout – A notice of motion to cease the use of Photo Radar in Beaumont…..more to come in the meetings ahead!

2.Councillor Munckhof-Swain – A notice of motion for Administration to put together a plan for, and complete, a “Business Summit” in Beaumont in 2018….again, more to come in the meetings ahead!



PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

I will soon have my "Beaumont Council Business Cards" that will include contact information. I will share it once it is active and available!

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