Council Meeting - October 23, 2018

Council Meeting - October 23, 2018

The highlights of this meeting included: Transit Service Update, Regional Context Statement, Assessment Review Board ByLaw and a Municipal Library Board Amendment.

It was also a full house tonight with residents coming out to support both Registered and Unregistered Presentations...from an Aquafit Users Group, a presentation on the Proposed Coloniale Playground, and a presentation from the Beaumont Society for the Arts.



i. Lori Morinville & Marcia Faught - AquaFit Users

A presentation was given that encouraged preserving as much of the current schedule and instructors as well as continued use of the gym equipment during construction. It also spoke of continued support for a Recreation/Arts Group in Beaumont.

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ii. Jen Guillen - Playground in Coloniale

A presentation was given to seek support from Council to provide capital funds for a new playground in the Coloniale neighborhood.

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i. Scott Fraser and Jay Ward - Rosemount Court - Presentation regarding Coloniale Playground

ii. Chantal Yardley and Grant Tolley - Presentation from Beaumont Society for the Arts

iii. Meagan Schulmeister - Presentation regarding Town of Beaumont ELC Program


a. First Year Summary of Beaumont Transit Commuter Service

Some summary data from the first year of the Beaumont Transit Service was provided. Some relevant numbers, from September 2017 to September 2018, are presented as follows:

·         Ridership - 24,046

·         Pass Sales - $63,627

·         Cash Fares - $19,655

·         2018 Net Operating - ($351,073)

Also - 369 Transit Rider surveys were completed in September 2018. The results from these surveys will be presented once they are compiled.

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b. Regional Context Statement Resolution

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Growth Plan came into effect October 26, 2017. Member Municipalities of the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board are required to ensure their Municipal Development Plans are consistent with the new Growth Plan within three years of it coming into effect (by October 26, 2020). The Regional Context Statements outline how each Member Municipality’s respective Municipal Development Plan complies (or not) with the Growth Plan. Where they do not comply, the Context Statement must identify how the municipality will amend or update its Municipal Development Plan to ensure alignment. There are core areas identified as “consistency requirements” within each of the Policy Areas, and these are the focus of the proposed Beaumont Regional Context Statement.

The process to develop the Regional Context Statement included:

1. Analysis of Beaumont’s existing Municipal Development Plan for areas of alignment or misalignment with the Growth Plan

2. Analysis of the new draft Municipal Development Plan for areas of alignment or misalignment with the Growth Plan

Council accepted the Regional Context Statement as information and it will now be forwarded to the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board.

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a. Bylaw 932-18 Assessment Review Board 1st, 2nd & 3rd Reading

In order to comply with the modernization of the Municipal Government Act, sections, 454.1, 454.2 and 456(1), Leduc County at their August 28, 2018 Regular Council meeting resolved to enter into an agreement with the Town of Beaumont for a three (3) year term starting January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021.

The current arrangement has been working well for the Town of Beaumont, and therefore Administration is recommending that Council authorize the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officer to proceed with signing the Regional Assessment Review Board Services Agreement, effective January 1, 2019 and expiring December 31, 2021.

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b. Bylaw 933-18 Municipal Library Board Amendment

Under the provisions of Section 9 of the Libraries Act, the Council of the Town of Beaumont deems it necessary to establish a Municipal Library Board; Through Bylaw, Council is required to appoint members of Council to the Municipal Library Board. Council members are appointed for a one (1) year term at the Organizational Meeting each year.

Previous Bylaw 891-17 Beaumont Municipal Library Board received approval on June 13, 2017 with the following Membership: 4.1 The Board shall be appointed by the Council pursuant to the Libraries Act as follows: a) two (2) members of the Council, and b) six (6) members from the public.

At its Meeting of September 25, 2018, Council resolved to appoint one (1) Council member and one (1) alternate Council member to the Board. Administration supports the amendment to the Municipal Library Board Bylaw.

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PLEASE NOTE: These notes are NOT MEANT to replace the formal minutes created/posted by Administration. They are a simplified version, created by myself, to inform residents, at a "high level" (and, very quickly) of the information covered in the council meeting!

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